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Town of Brookhaven
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Tree Inspection Request Form
The removal of trees in the Town Right of Way (ROW) falls under the jurisdiction of the Highway Department; homeowners may be asked to provide a survey. The Town does not remove healthy trees. To be considered for removal, a tree in the Town ROW must be dead or the roots must be causing damage (such as lifting a driveway or curb or going into a cesspool). Brookhaven Town requires that residents plant trees at least six feet back from the roadway out of the Town ROW, to avoid potential problems in which the roots may damage the concrete curb, sidewalk and / or road asphalt as the tree grows.

Emma S. Clark Memorial Library

"The Heart of the Three Village Community"

West Meadow Beach

Located in Setauket, West Meadow Beach features a large beach area, spray park, playground, volleyball court, gazebo, walking trail and environmental programs.

Avalon Nature Preserve

Since its inception, Avalon Nature Preserve has sought to protect and restore the ecological heritage of this special landscape. With the purchase of 8 acres in 1997, Avalon’s evolution began; the Preserve has flourished into a thriving 216 acres of fields, forest, and wetlands, 140 of which are open to the public.

Three Village Central School District

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Osher Lifelong Learning Istitute, Stony Brook University (OLLI)

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Stony Brook University (formerly the Round Table) is open to all retired and semi-retired individuals who are interested in expanding their intellectual horizons in a university setting. Avenues for participation include: peer-taught workshops, lectures, special events, committees, and social activities. This program is administered by Stony Brook University's
School of Professional Development

LIM (Long Island Museum)

The Long Island Museum is dedicated to inspiring people of all ages through its presentation of American art and history, featuring the rich heritage of Long Island and its diverse communities.

Three Village Historical Society

The Three Village area is comprised of communities where history is close to the surface. It encompasses the villages of Old Field, Poquott, the Setaukets, and Stony Brook. At the Three Village Historical Society, you can learn about the area's fascinating past in creative and engaging ways.

Stony Brook Village Center

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Stony Brook Medicine (Hospital)

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Mather Hospital

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St. Charles Hospital

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