Neighbor-Recommended Service Providers
Please note that these providers have been recommended by OFS residents; they are not endorsed by the OFSPOA Executive Board.


   Mark Michaels,


   Shaun Bicknell, 631-897-9047
    His craftsmanship is excellent. Wish we had discovered him sooner.

Cesspools/Septic Systems

    A•1 Sewer & Drain, (631) 968-5060
    We had to install two new precast cesspools because the ancient one collapsed.  They were fine, efficient, cost seemed reasonable for the work and materials.

    Dave Lange Sewer Service, 866-739-3725
    We have used...and have been very happy with them.  

    Go Green,
    Prompt and thorough.

    Windriver Environmental, 631-961-7999
    We've used a company named Windriver Environmental, which seems to be a group.  Over the many years we've lived here, they have sent out reliable companies/  The
    most recent time we needed service was last fall and a firm TF McGrane (487-4430)  came to do the work. Others in the past were AAA 667-2112 and Busch Bros. 841-
    0600.  We were very satisfied with the quick response and the work performed each time.


   Home Electric, 631-331-1131
   Bob Huebsch
   He has done a lot of work for me and others in OFS.

    Legacy Electric, Inc., 83 Pine St., Port Jefferson, 631-642-1362
    Owners: Gary DiClementi and Richard Holmes
    I am delighted to recommend Legacy Electric!!  They are responsive, punctual, clean, quick, efficient and reasonable.

Furniture Refinishers

   Call Ethan Allen or Thomasville
   Both have refinishers they use. My experience with either has always been very good.

Gutter Companies

   Island Gutters, 631-979-8866
   A great gutter replacement company...great to deal with...great pricing.


   Mike Bicknell, 631-871-2370

House Cleaners

   Janusz Sobolew, 631-943-4603


   Gomez Landscaping, 631-478-4157
   I've used Gomez landscapers for years.  Excellent company.

   Home Style Landscaping, 631-474-3228
   I highly recommend Home Style Landscaping.

   Landscapes by Sean Fleck, 631-751-0402


    CertaPro Painters, 631-474-4679,
    We've had a good experience.

    Heather Gristock, 631-682-5807
    She's wonderful and great with colors and interiors.

    Island Star Painting, Curtis Parker, 631-751-4175
    Very pleased.  Exterior paint job has held up extremely well.

    Peter, 631-672-9810
    Were very pleased.

    Jay Spillman, Cell 331-3712; Home  525-2206
    I have a wonderful painter. The guy is an expert – neat, quiet, and fairly priced.
    I've had people call me back to thank me for giving them the reference.
    We've had a good experience.

    Schmidt Painting, 631-732-6954
    They did interior work for us after our kitchen renovation a few years ago, and last year painted the exterior. They are not necessarily the least expensive option, but we've
    been pleased.

    Stelios Kandios, 631-941-4988; 631-588-4166
    I highly recommend Stelios Kandios.  Excellent work.  Delightful man.  Very fair pricing.

    Sunshine Painting, Smithtown, 631-265-1707
    I highly recommend.

         Noel Swords, 112 Prospect Street, Port Jefferson, 631-928-1445
   A very good painter.  I have used him for both indoor and outdoor jobs, but not in the last 5 years.

    VIP Touch of Paint, Carlos, 631-680-5812
    I have used for work both inside and out...while they are not the cheapest painters they are METICULOUS and do a much better job than the two painters I had previously
    used...well worth the money.


  Mid-Suffolk Plumbing and Heating. 631-979-4094
  Joe Troise
  He has done a lot of work for me and others in OFS.

Pool Services

    KDP Pool Service, Inc.,  22 Southern Blvd.  Suite  203, Nesconset, NY 11777
    I've had Keith from Keith's Clean Water for about 10 years. They are reliable and professional. They do my openings and closings for spring and fall.

    Mike's Pool Service, 631- 205-BLUE
    We've been very satisfied with the pool service we use.

    Sundance Pools
    I recommend Sundance Pools. We've used them for years.

    SwimTech, 631-928-2693
    We've used SwimTech for 15 years now and love them.  The owner Mike is very quick to respond if there is an issue.  They have a guy John who has been with them forever
    who handles any mechanical issues that may come up.  We have been very happy with them. We have them open the pool, service the pool weekly and then close the pool


       Handy Manny, 631-704-4512
       Excellent job.  Great to work with.

Stone Work

StoneGate Landscape Construction, 631-751-0252,
    The workmanship on my stone patio is fantastic.  I would be happyto show it to anyone ocnsidering simialr work.  Mary Ellen Doris

Tile Installers

    Arnold, 516-286-7006
    I highly recommend Arnold.
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