The community of Old Field South consists of 132 families in a small enclave within
the town of Setauket in Suffolk County, New York. It is bordered on the north by the
incorporated village of Old Field, and lies just east of West Meadow Beach and
Nature Preserve on Long Island Sound.

Old Field South was founded in 1929 by Ward Melville, long-time benefactor to the
villages of Setauket and Stony Brook and  was designed by the illustrious landscape
architectural firm of Frederick Law Olmsted (creators of Central Park in Manhattan
and Prospect Park in Brooklyn.) The homes, some built nearly a half century ago, are
sheltered within a park-like environment of curving streets interspersed by small
stands of mature oaks and many native species of plants including mountain laurel
and rhododendron.

Close by are the historic village centers of Stony Brook and Setauket and the well
known University at Stony Brook.

The community is guided by a set of covenants that seek to preserve a sense of
architectural and natural integrity. Although many of the homes have been recently
restored, and each bears a design, the covenants have, for over  half a century,
largely ensured that the houses are white with steeply pitched roofs,  no encircling
fences, and no sidewalks or unsightly appurtenances that would clash with the
general sense of harmony that stems from the original community design.

A neighborhood association that oversees the covenants and provides services to
the residents is supported in its efforts by the modest annual dues required of the
homeowners.  Because there are no commercial properties of any kind in Old Field
South, this quiet residential
area remains a tranquil and visually appealing place to live.
Old Field South