The existing covenants for Old Field South were agreed to in May of 1977. An original copy can be obtained by realtors representing
potential Old Field South homeowners and by other interested parties.  Please direct requests to the
OFSPOA; provide your name, address,
and affiliation.

Key provisions:

    Each building is single family only and must not exceed two stories in height

    No building, including extensions and additions to existing structures, and no fence, hedge, or wall is to be constructed without
    written approval of the Board. This also includes changing the color of the house.

    No premises can be used for business purposes and no signs of a trade or profession can be displayed.

    Except for household pets, no animals, poultry or livestock, can be kept or maintained.

    No changes to the existing landscape can be made without written approval, including changes in the contours of the land, or other
    changes to the grounds, including trees and shrubs.

OFSPOA Covenants
Old Field South Property Owners Association