A Fabulous Party

The weather was perfect, the food fantastic, and the company superb!  The OFS Old Fashioned Beach Picnic was a smash.  Special thanks to Maura Delisle and Maria Calzado, Hospitality Chairs, for their creativity and hard work in putting it all together and many thanks to those in attendance who brought it to life and made it a success!

We’d love to hear your comments — what you thought of the event and suggestions you might have for next year.  Just leave a reply to this post.

Picnic pictures will be posted soon.

Beach Party Update

Greetings neighbors –

Here are a few more details about our upcoming “Old Fashioned Beach Picnic Supper” to be held at West Meadow Beach on September 7th  from 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.:

We’ve changed the venue to both save money and take advantage of the natural beauty at our back door!  This family event will feature food, fun, and fellowship.  In keeping with our “old fashioned” theme we will ask each household to bring food to share (enough for eight or more) as well as your own beach chairs, blankets and tables.  The POA will provide paper goods, water, soda, and dessert for all.    Organized games, activities and contests will be featured.

An official invitation will be sent in early August.  At that time we will ask you to indicate the type of dish you are bringing (appetizer, salad, main course, or side dish).  We will also ask for volunteers to organize and host the games, activities, and contests (tug of war, painting shells and faces, potato sack races, beach ball games, scavenger hunt, etc.).  These volunteer positions could be a great opportunity to involve some of our teens in the community.

The Board looks forward to seeing each of you there.  Let’s send the summer off with a celebration of the wonderful place in which we live!

West Meadow Beach Access

Greetings neighbors–

At our recent business meeting an OFS resident raised concerns regarding bathing access at West Meadow Beach for those with physical challenges. At her request, a petition was circulated asking that a ramp be installed. After the meeting, OFS Board member Chris Maffia met with the marine biologist/educator at West Meadow Beach about the issue, who then followed up with the Town of Brookhaven. Though a permanent ramp is not possible due to tidal activity, the town will make available a removable ramp that will be set up upon request by the lifeguards.

We are pleased to have been a part of making the beach more accessible and will discuss the other issued raised at the next board meeting.