Service Providers

Greetings neighbors —

Our web site listing of neighbor-recommended service providers continues to grow and requests for additional recommendations continue to come in!   Please help us add to our listing.  Neighbors are currently requesting recommendations for:

driveway sealing companies
pool service companies
cleaning ladies/men
tile installers
jewelry appraisers

Thank you!


Service Provider Recommendations

Greetings —

We have neighbors looking for recommendations for the following types of service providers:

cleaning ladies/men
tile installers
jewelry appraisers

Please leave a reply to this message if you have anyone to recommend.  The information will be added to our web site under the Service Providers tab.

Don’t forget to attend our annual business meeting this Thursday evening at 7:30 pm at the Emma Clark Library!

Recommend a Service Provider

Greetings all–
We continue to get requests from neighbors for service provider recommendations.  Clearly there is a need for this information!  If you have a service provider you are pleased with, please consider recommending him or her.  Recommendations are posted on the OFS website (  Your neighbors are currently looking for:

Insulation installers
Driveway sealers
Furniture refinishers

Please email your recommendations to or leave a comment below.  Thank you.