Kittens Looking for a Home

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Looking for a Home — Little Willow and Whiskey

Two adorable four (4) months old kittens, who have been close buddies since they were rescued. Playful, happy, and affectionate, they are ready for a loving home and are hoping for a person with a big heart.
They like people and dogs, and after a busy day of play, love to snuggle.
Both tested positive for the Feline Leukemia Virus which does not spread to humans or other pets, only to cats so they have to be indoor-only cats and need homes without any other cats.
They are in good health and will be spayed/neutered and receive their shots prior to adoption.

Please call your small neighborhood cat rescue group:
Bobbie Beltrami​​ Susan Trawick​​ Karin Steil
335-6112​​​           751-0805        751-6689

Missing cat

Dear Neighbors,
Please be on the lookout for and check under your decks, in your garages, sheds, etc. for our very elderly, blind in one eye, and deaf long haired orange cat. He also has a big bald patch on his back. He fell into our pool yesterday, panicked when we pulled him out,  and ran away. Poor old guy.  If any sightings, please email me at, text me at 631-335-6112, or call me at 751-8449. Thank you.
Bobbie Beltrami

Missing Cat

The Musarra’s at 41 West Meadow have lost their cat Ashley.  She was last seen at 81 Mud Road on Wednesday June 18th around noon.  As you might imagine, Ashely’s disappearance is a terrible loss to the family.  If you see Ashley or have any information related to her whereabouts, please contact Jamie or Devra Musarra at 631-941-3808 (home) or 516-848-1127 (cell).

Thank you.

musarra cat

Cats in Need – Rescue Effort

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

There is a home in Stony Brook where an elderly couple has been supporting a colony of cats and kittens, some feral, some not, some spayed and neutered, some not. The couple is moving and has to abandon the kitties and Susan Trawick and I are trying to mobilize forces to help us transport them to and from Kent Animal Shelter in Riverhead to be spayed and neutered; to foster care female cats for 5 days or male cats 3 days in confined areas or crates post-surgically, and even to possibly adopt or help find people to adopt these unfortunates.

It may be that we cannot trap and help all of them, but if we can even trap, spay, and neuter most of them, it will help insure against future overpopulation and more homeless creatures.

Please help us in any way you can to save innocent lives.

Thank you for anything you can manage to do.

Please contact me at

Bobbie Beltrami

Missing cat

Long haired, light orange with matted fur along ridge of back. Mostly deaf, blind in one eye, injured ear. Urgently needs medical attention!  Often seen with gray tabby long haired cat. If any sightings, please call Bobbie Beltrami @751-8449 (h) 335-6112 (c) or Susan Trawick @ 751-0805 (h) 278-5106 (c).