Annual Business Meeting and Cocktail Party Recap

Dear Neighbors,

On June 14, 2019, we held our Annual OFS Business Meeting and Cocktail Party at the Setauket Neighborhood House. The meeting was attended by 60 residents, and marked the 90th anniversary of our historic neighborhood.

The most significant outcome of the meeting was the raise of our annual dues to $100/per household. This change was approved almost unanimously, with the intention of providing the OFS Board with more financial flexibility to cover the costs of maintaining the OFS common areas and the social features of our community.  

The other main topic of discussion was the extensive tree clearing that occurred on two recently purchased properties. Many of our neighbors were understandably upset about these breaches to the covenants. The Board has agreed to reach out to new homeowners and realtors that represent OFS properties to provide them with a copy of our covenants and communicate the features that make OFS such a special place to live. 

Two additional concerns expressed by our neighbors were: 1) Mailboxes are not clearly marked with home addresses, making it difficult for emergency personnel to find houses and 2) Cars are speeding on our streets, leading to an unsafe environment for all.

In happy news, it was reported that the three previous OFS clean-up efforts were well-attended and greatly improved the appearance of the major “islands.” Furthermore, the raised bed brick project at the OFS entrance on Mount Grey Road and Highwood Road has gotten tremendous support from our neighbors, and will be completed in the next few weeks. 

The art show held at the annual meeting, entitled “Loving the place we call home,” received nine wonderfully creative entries from OFS residents. After a vote, four winning pieces were chosen to be featured in the next edition of the OFS Directory.

Finally, it was announced that Dale Hodges (Hospitality Co-Chair), Susan Tyson (Social Chair) and Christina Maffia (VP) are stepping down from the OFS Board, after a number of years of dedicated service. The residents elected to fill the newly open board positions are Stephen DelGiorno (VP), Teri Viteritti (Social Chair), and Suja Gurunathan (Communications Co-Chair). 

We thank everyone for contributing to our wonderful community and look forward to seeing everyone at the next OFS gathering!

Celebrate our 90th anniversary!

Greetings neighbors –

Celebrate Old Field South’s 90th anniversary at this year’s business meeting and cocktail party!  Join us on Friday, June 14, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the lovely Neighborhood House right here in Setauket!   Evites (electronic invitations) will be sent to you in May.  We hope to see you there!

The OFSPOA Board

Annual Business Meeting and Cocktail Party

Greetings neighbors –

Spring is almost here and it’s once again time for the annual OFSPOA business meeting and cocktail party. It will be held on Friday, April 13th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the lovely Neighborhood House right here in Setauket! The business meeting will be held first with the party following immediately after. Stay tuned for more information and please watch your email for your Evite (electronic invitation); RSVP by opening the invitation and tapping “yes” or “no.” We hope to see you there!

Annual Cocktail Party and Business Meeting

Greetings neighbors –

Spring is almost here and it’s once again time for the annual OFSPOA cocktail party! It will be held on April 28th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the lovely Neighborhood House right here in Setauket! A brief business meeting and board election will be held first with the party following immediately after. Please watch your email for your Evite (electronic invitation); RSVP by opening the invitation and tapping “yes” or “no.” We hope to see you there!

Cocktail Party Success!

Thanks to all the wonderful neighbors who made last night’s cocktail party a huge success!  The conversation was terrific, the food tasty, and the beautiful Neighborhood House a wonderful venue.  Many thanks to the folks there for their gracious assistance.

The OFSPOA’s annual business meeting was held during the festivities.  President Tricia Telemaque highlighted the year’s accomplishments, reviewed the association’s finances and presided over the election of our newest board members — Susan Tyson, Patty Yantz, and Kathy Massi.  New neighbors were welcomed and departing neighbors wished a fond farewell.

We missed those of you who could not make it and hope to see you at our end-of-summer picnic!

Annual Cocktail Party

Greetings neighbors –

Spring is almost here and it’s once again time for the annual OFS cocktail party! It will be held on April 1st from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the lovely Neighborhood House right here in Setauket! A brief business meeting will be held first with the party following immediately after. Please watch your email for your Evite (electronic invitation); RSVP by opening the invitation and tapping “yes” or “no.We hope to see you there!

Business Meeting

Greetings neighbors —

Last week the OFSPOA held its annual business meeting at the Emma Clark Library. Many thanks to those who braved the rain to attend.  President Trish Zellner gave a detailed presentation highlighting the past year’s accomplishments, outlining goals for the upcoming year, and reviewing the organization’s financials.  Her presentation will be made available shortly.   For additional information, please contact any Board member or use the contact form on the OFS web site.

Best wishes for  a Happy Passover and Easter.

Business Meeting Report — 2014

To our members,

On Tuesday night, May 6th, we held our 2014 OFSPOA Annual Business Meeting at the Emma S. Clark Library.  We had a good turnout with over 16 in attendance, plus the 10 members of the OFSPOA Board.  Thank you to those who attended and participated in some lively discussion! Our hope is that attendees will talk to neighbors about the value of the meeting so that we have even more folks participate in the future!

The OFSPOA Board of Directors, including the Committee Chairs, gave an update on the accomplishments of 2013 and the goals for 2014. After introducing myself and the other board members, I highlighted past year’s accomplishments and outlined goals for 2014. Bobbie Beltrami, our Vice President, reviewed the mission of the OFSPOA and the Board. These remarks were followed by updates by each committee chair.

Joan Bloom, Beautification Committee, reviewed the restorative work completed since Hurricane Sandy, showing before and after photos of many improvements. She also brought cuttings and plants to be shared with attendees.

Maura Delisle D’Aguanno and Maria Calzado Reinhardt, Social Committee, discussed the recent cocktail party at the Setauket Yacht Club and past celebrations, explaining how cutting event costs is now a priority so that more funds will be available for continued improvements to neighborhood green spaces.  Many thanks to these fine ladies for the outstanding job hosting such a great event!

Luisa Reichardt , Communications Committee, gave an update on enhancements to our website and blogs, and use of email notifications to push out news and announcements. (Please take a look at the  website).  She also mentioned how crucial email addresses are to our communication campaign. (If we do not have your email address, please submit it to  Luisa acknowledged our Block Captains, who assist in getting print messages out to those without email, and Donna Newman, OFS newsletter editor, for her many years of service to OFS. In concluding, she informed us that the new Old Field South Directory, updated by Karen Steil, will be ready for printing very soon. (Revisions to the directory may be submitted until May 15th).

Lydia Cierski, Hospitality Committee, gave an update on her delivery of birdhouses, our welcome gift to new homeowners, and explained that in the future she will be delivering a copy of the covenants as well.  This year she delivered birdhouses to six new homeowners. Our newest neighbors will receive theirs shortly.

Lorraine Mandel, Treasurer, reported on the state of the organization’s finances and discussed issues related to the non-payment of dues, including the process we have put in place to recover monies owed to the association.  Expenditures for the past 18 months were reviewed, including the following highlights: approximately 47% was spent on the maintenance and improvement of the common areas (entrances and triangles) and 30% on our social activities, the annual cocktail party and summer beach event.

An open discussion with attendees included three interesting points:

1. A 2- tiered dues structure that distinguishes between those who wish to participate in the socials and those who do not was suggested.
2. A question was posed regarding the need for an association. Has the OFSPOA outlived its usefulness?
3. A request was made for attendees to sign a petition to be presented to the Town of Brookhaven to improve West Meadow beach with a ramp to the water for accessibility for all, including people with physical limitations.

Feedback on keeping dues and having socials, while managing costs by utilizing less expensive venues, was highly favorable. Feedback also strongly supported the need to continue the association. There was some interest in potentially looking at the language of the covenants.   Overall, the work the board has been doing was appreciated and feedback was complimentary in all areas.

The board will discuss all these point at the next meeting.

Additional goals for the community for 2014 included two new positions on the board.  The first, Historian/Archivist, has been filled by Chris Maffia.  She has already provided content for a page on our website dedicated to preserving our history in words and pictures.  The second position is that of a youth member to assist us in determining how to involve this high energy group in our community and how the community can better support our youth! We will be reaching out to parents to discuss this opportunity with their children once we have the role and commitment better defined.

The meeting was productive, informative and collaborative. Thanks to all for your participation. Your feedback is always appreciated.   Please feel free to post your comments.  Click below on Leave a Reply.

Best regards,



Business Meeting

Greetings all–

The Board would like to extend warm thanks to the wonderful neighbors who attended last night’s cocktail party.  You made it a great success!   We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Watch for upcoming information about our summer social.  We hope to see you there.

Next Tuesday, May 6, the OFSPOA will hold its annual business meeting at 7:30 p.m. at the Emma Clark Library in the lower level meeting room.   Please join us.

Our agenda will include updates from the board’s committees and a discussion of goals for the coming year.  Let us hear from you.  What would you like us to work on?  How would you like membership dues spent?  How do you like the changes the board has made in the past year?

In the next couple of days you will receive an Evite invitation to the meeting.  Please respond yes or no; you do not need an Evite account to do so.

Mark your calendars.  See you on Tuesday.

All attendees are required to have their membership dues current.  If you have not yet paid, please send your check to the OFSPOA, P.O. Box 476, Setauket, or bring it to the business meeting.