Annual Business Meeting and Cocktail Party Recap

Dear Neighbors,

On June 14, 2019, we held our Annual OFS Business Meeting and Cocktail Party at the Setauket Neighborhood House. The meeting was attended by 60 residents, and marked the 90th anniversary of our historic neighborhood.

The most significant outcome of the meeting was the raise of our annual dues to $100/per household. This change was approved almost unanimously, with the intention of providing the OFS Board with more financial flexibility to cover the costs of maintaining the OFS common areas and the social features of our community.  

The other main topic of discussion was the extensive tree clearing that occurred on two recently purchased properties. Many of our neighbors were understandably upset about these breaches to the covenants. The Board has agreed to reach out to new homeowners and realtors that represent OFS properties to provide them with a copy of our covenants and communicate the features that make OFS such a special place to live. 

Two additional concerns expressed by our neighbors were: 1) Mailboxes are not clearly marked with home addresses, making it difficult for emergency personnel to find houses and 2) Cars are speeding on our streets, leading to an unsafe environment for all.

In happy news, it was reported that the three previous OFS clean-up efforts were well-attended and greatly improved the appearance of the major “islands.” Furthermore, the raised bed brick project at the OFS entrance on Mount Grey Road and Highwood Road has gotten tremendous support from our neighbors, and will be completed in the next few weeks. 

The art show held at the annual meeting, entitled “Loving the place we call home,” received nine wonderfully creative entries from OFS residents. After a vote, four winning pieces were chosen to be featured in the next edition of the OFS Directory.

Finally, it was announced that Dale Hodges (Hospitality Co-Chair), Susan Tyson (Social Chair) and Christina Maffia (VP) are stepping down from the OFS Board, after a number of years of dedicated service. The residents elected to fill the newly open board positions are Stephen DelGiorno (VP), Teri Viteritti (Social Chair), and Suja Gurunathan (Communications Co-Chair). 

We thank everyone for contributing to our wonderful community and look forward to seeing everyone at the next OFS gathering!

Brick Planter Project – Beautifying OFS!

Dear Neighbor,

Many of you are aware that the much loved tree that was at the entrance to Mount Grey Rd and Southgate died a few years ago. Now that the tree and the stump have been removed, we are hoping to beautify the area. The plan is to build a raised planter at that site. The idea and design concept behind the beautiful flower planter to be installed is from Stephen DelGiorno! Please see the photos…

The bricks on the planter will match the bricks used in the entrance columns. We are hoping to have this done within a few weeks time. In an effort to cover the cost of the project, we are asking our Old Field South neighbors if they would like to buy a brick. The bricks will be engraved and placed along the top of the planter. So far we have a dozen Old Field South residents contributing! The donation cost is $125.00 a brick, which includes up to two lines of engraving. You can engrave your family’s name, the name of someone in memoriam, or just a happy message.

Please make checks payable to OFSPOA (Old Field South Property Owners Association) along with the inscription (typewritten) and send to:  P.O. Box 476, Setauket, NY  11733

As this is Old Field South’s 90th year, we are hoping to have the project completed before our annual meeting which will be on June 14.

Thank you for your support!

Neighbors come together! OFS Cleanup 2

Greetings neighbors –

Our 2nd Old Field South community cleanup was on Saturday, March 30th. It was a beautiful, warm day and we had a great turnout.

Living in Old Field South gives us a sense of place; working to better Old Field South gives us a sense of purpose! A total of 144 bags of debris and leaves were collected along with the removal of dead branches and trees!!

Again, thanks to all that help to make our clean up the success that it was.

Patty Yantz
Beautification Chairperson

Beautification input

Dear Neighbors,

I hope this email finds all property owners in Old Field South in good health, with an abundance of happiness going into 2019. Looking forward to the year ahead, we would like to have your input regarding areas that the Beautification Committee should address. Please let me know about problems you notice such as poor road drainage, dead tree limbs, or other concerns.  You can reach me at

We will do our best to address all concerns in order to further add to the beauty of our wonderful community. In late March, we will be scheduling our next community clean-up. It is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and be an active part of Old Field South. We always welcome students who are looking to acquire community service hours.

Wishing a Happy New Year to All,

Patty Yantz
Beautification Chair

Neighbors Come Together

On Saturday, November 10th, a strong, hardworking group of volunteers braved the chilly weather to help clean up one of our Old Field South common areas. They worked on the triangle on Highwood and literally filled a large truck with dead branches and debris.

As the group tackled the job, I was reminded of something I once heard that went something like this —

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy… When you volunteer you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live in.

Hopefully, we will be having more “island” cleanups soon. We will be keeping you posted.
A sincere and heartfelt thanks for our volunteers for their kindness to our wonderful community.

Patty Yantz,
Beautification Chairperson

Beautification Update

Greetings neighbors –

The Board has been working on a plan to beautify and maintain our common areas — the entrances and triangles.  The first phase is now underway.  We have contracted with Landscapes by Sean Fleck to handle cleanup and plantings.  Very special thanks are due Beautification Chairperson Joan Bloom for spearheading and overseeing these efforts.  Here is a wonderfully detailed report from Joan:

Just want to let everyone know about today’s work.  Sean was wonderful to work with, always cheery and quick to say “no problem” to any request. His team is also very willing and good natured.

We spent the much time at the Highwood entrance weeding, cutting down a couple weed trees, trimming the rhodos and forsythia, raking the leaves and debris, moving two junipers to match the other side and beginning the first collection of what turned out to be miles of weed vines, poison ivy and bittersweet. Across the street more vines are gone and some weeds were pulled and some whacked.

At West Meadow and Indian, weeds were pulled and a very large dead branch was removed —  it had to be chopped to fit into the truck.

At West Meadow and Market the machetes came out to cut weeds and vines. We didn’t dare go more than three or four feet in but still got a lot of scraping and raking done.

At the pillars on West Meadow the azaleas received a light trimming and lots of weeds were removed, dead branches cut off and raking and blowing completed.

At Southgate and Mt. Grey the rhodos were trimmed and the area weeded and blown.  The two sides don’t match but over time, as the ones on the left grow and the right is kept trimmed, it will begin to match.

At Glenwater, I was delighted to see that two callicarpa that I planted last year have survived and so we now have four new plantings there. They are very small but will be quite wonderful in time.

The triangle at Intervale was trimmed and two weed trees cut out where they were encroaching on rhodos. More miles of vines removed and some top trimming of the rhodos was done to encourage growth.

There are two remaining triangles that haven’t been done yet but they will be; Sean thinks he can possibly plant several rhodos this weekend or early next week.

It was such an exciting day.  We filled a whole truck with some  awful stuff that it was great to see carried off. Before you know it the love we all feel for this community is going to SHOW

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