Deer Problems

[Items posted on behalf of residents do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the OFS Executive Board.]

Dear Neighbors,

   I guess we are all concerned about the exploding deer population in our area and the fact that they eat many of our ornamental shrubs and flowers. There is also concern over Lyme disease carried by deer ticks. To set the record straight the tick which carries Lyme is called a deer tick but the deer tick is carried by many other mammals like mice, rabbits, etc. So eliminating the deer from your property does not diminish the threat of Lyme disease.     I have had Lyme disease at least twice and both times before the recent deer population explosion. I carry a pacemaker for the rest of my life as a result. As for the eating of flowers before you hire an archer to kill the deer or put up an expensive eight foot deer fence around your property like my neighbor know that Home Depot carries a product called Deer Off which when sprayed on plants is excellent for ninety days. When I first noticed nibbling on my Hostas this spring I bought the product and sprayed all the flowers. The deer have not touched any of the flowers since and we love to see them eating the apples that have fallen off our apple tree as we have no need for them.  They visit almost every day. By the way the product is non toxic and based on a formula which uses an egg emmulsion. You can also find the recipe on line if you wish to try making it yourself. I sprayed a huge Hosta bed at the TV Historical Society which was devastated last year with the same great results. They haven’t touched the Hostas there since I sprayed. After all they were here before us and why should we deprive our children from seeing these magnificent animals. Also drive slowly in the area and avoid hitting them. A little knowledge of the subject matter goes a long way. Respectfully to those who do not love animals as much as we do. 

The Yantz family. 

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